Price: $19.95 Run Time: 57 mins Special Features: Closed Caption


Price: $24.95 Run Time: 57 mins Special Features: Japanese subtitled


Great Grandfather's Drum celebrates Japanese-American culture and history in Hawai'i. An inspiring century-long story of struggle and success in the greatest American tradition -- of plantation life, patriotic heroism during World War II, and helping to create statehood for Hawai'i.

Told through an intimate and joyful portrait of Maui Taiko, a contemporary Japanese-American drum ensemble, descendants of plantation workers, and by elders who lived this history. Experience Maui Taiko's dynamic performances on the giant drums, and travel with them on a heartfelt journey back to rural Japan to seek their ancestral roots. These families handed down taiko traditions through five generations in Hawai'i. Taiko is a living part of their community today.

For visitors to the islands, "Great Grandfather's Drum" unlocks the door to a colorful culture that is unique to Hawai'i, a world seldom seen by people outside the community. Americans of Japanese ancestry are one of the largest ethnic groups in Hawai'i.

A documentary for public television from Opticus Media and international award winning producers Victoria and Cal Lewin. Broadcast on PBS Hawai'i.


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